Online Exercises:

  • Exercise 2: Amazing Vocabulary Machine: Practice changing adjectives to adverbs and back again.

  • Exercise 4: Adjectives and Adverbs (Lesson and exercise).

  • Exercise 5: Match the adjectives to their opposites.

  • Exercise 6: Opposites. Match the word on the left with its opposite on the right.

  • Exercise 7: Match the English word to the Spanish word.

  • Exercise 8: Match the English word to the Spanish word. (adjectives related to people).

  • Exercise 9: Match the English word to the Spanish word. (Adjectives for people's personality).

  • Exercise 10: Match the English word to the Spanish word.

  • Exercise 12: Adjectives of people. Enjoy playing different word games!

  • Exercise 13: Does the adjective have a positive or a negative association?

  • Exercise 14: Choose the correct answer. Adjective order.

  • Exercise 19: Adjectives -able. Type in a correct adjective form given.Gap-fill exercise.

  • Exercise 20: Adjective or adverb. Read the text and complete.

  • Exercise 22: Use the antonyms (opposites) of the words in italics to show how I am different from Bill Gates.

  • Exercise 23: Can you find the adjectives? Read the sentences and write them in the blue box.

  • Exercise 25: Click on the best adjective describing the picture. More here.

  • Exercise 26: Add a prefix to form the oppossite of each adjective.

  • Exercise 28: Drag each adjective on the right to its opposite on the left.

  • Exercise 31: Adjectives - Opposites. Write and match images with words.

  • Exercise 32: Oppossites of adjectives. Try to find 10 pairs of adjectives and then put them in pairs of opposites.

  • Exercise 33: Students look at the pictures and find the adjectives in the wordsearch.

  • Exercise 34: I described people using adjectives ,pupils also have to circle the srossword and finally they have to answer the questions using the present simple tense.

  • Exercise 35: Naughty naughhty John. A multiple choice short story about feelings,followed by some questions. Use of simple present tense and future (will) tense.

  • Exercise 36: A funny different way to teach moods/feelings.

  • Exercise 37: Look at the pictures and choose the right answers.

  • Exercise 38 : Feelings. Exercises for "feeling words" learning.

  • Exercise 39: A good online activity to revise the opposites. Pupils match the opposites and then write sentences.

  • Exercise 40: Hot' n' cold. Let Students have some fun and learn with this song!


  • How do you feel today? A very funny link to check your mood and revise adjectives. Click here to see recommended smileys and emoticons for email communication.


  • Listen to the song: "In the ghetto" by Elvis Presley and click on the file to do the gap-filling exercise.

  • Listen to the song: "I swear" sung by Michael Montgomery and click on the file to do the gap-filling exercise.

  • Opposites: Listen to the word by clicking the "PLAY" link. Then, find the word that is the opposite of the word you hear. Press the "Final Score" button at the bottom of the page to score your quiz.

  • Hot and Cold: Write the opposite of the underlined words, then listen and correct.