Unit 2: Pet Animals



  • Animals: Enjoy playing different word games.

  • Animals: Farm animals quiz using sound effect.

  • The Family Wants a Pet: This is a short exercise about animals that can be pets. The student needs to know how to correctly spell the animalĀ“s name and what it looks like.

  • Have you got a pet?Have you got a pet?: You are in Picadilly Line. Click on external image station2.gif the stations to do the exercises or games. Some activities are external image audio.gif listenings.


  • Birds: ESL scrambled word quiz. Choose a letter from each box to create a word then check the answer.

  • Read some students' homework describing pets. Can you write your own now? If you want to write and publish it online so it can be corrected, click here. (Project: Writing Better)



  • Listen to the pronounciation of animal names while looking to a picture. Click here.

  • The Perfect Pet: Click on the picture to read the story, then play the game.

  • Animal House: Where are the animals in the house? Listen to a song and see where the animals are! Are there any animals in your house?