Unit 1:The History of Cinema



  • Heroes: Watch this little video about Tarzan and tell your friends what you know about those heroes. Then do the activity in which you have to choose the correct answer from a list of choices.

  • Vocabulary: This quiz will test your knowledge of vocabulary related to movies, cinemas and theaters. We have adjectives to describe movies, kinds of movies and more.



  • How about a movie?: Accepting an invitation. Build the story by choosing one of three sentences. If your choice is correct, the sentence will be added to the story. Practice it with your partner at the end.


  • Al Capone: Who was Scarface and how did he get the nickname? Click on the icons to do the activities: ipod.jpg / doc.gif / pdf.gif/ xword.jpg.gif

  • Forrest Gump: Watch a trailer and do the gap-filling exercise here.

  • Listen to the song Hollywood by Madonna. Enjoy! (Use dictionary if needed).

  • Arizona Dream (Present Simple-prepositions): This is the plot summary of the film "Arizona Dreams". The text is in present simple, students have to choose the correct form of the words or the correct preposition. Then there is a vocab exercise and a song from the film.