Unit 1: Film Genres



Task 1: Matching Exercise.
Task 2: Answer the questions.
Task 3: Describe your favourite actor/actress

  • Pocahontas: Read about Pocahonta's life and play a game.

  • Cartoons: Read and decide the right answer.

  • Slumdog Millionaire: Reading and comprehension activities based on the film Slumdog Millionaire and a text adapted from Wikipedia. Spelling, synonym and tense work including passives, state verbs and gerunds. (Intermediate or upper-intermediate).


  • The Movie Reviewer: (Writing & Speaking). For this homework you will watch a movie and fill out this report. You can also watch a TV show if you like. Enjoy! Have a look to lingual.net and choose the film (subtitled) to see.


  • Movies: Match the genre with the movie. Then match the movie with the actor. Discuss these questions with your group.


  • Spiderman: Listen/Read and answer the questions.

  • Madagascar: Film Guide. Hear about the fantastic family feature film Madagascar. Click on the icons to do the activities: ipod.jpg / doc.gif / pdf.gif

  • Cinema: Deciding what film to see. Listen to the dialogue by pressing the play button. When you have heard it, drag the sentences into the white boxes in the correct order. Use the language tips at the bottom of the page to help you. Find more listening here.