• Countries, nationalities and languages in English: This chart shows the Country, Language and Nationality of many major countries from around the world. Click on the sound image next to the country to hear the correct pronunciation of each group of nationalities. Each group of words are repeated twice.

  • European Countries: Fill in the European country to these words. Country names are followed by adjective, person, language.

  • Nationalities Video: Short Video Lesson from Elanguest English Language School Elementary Level Vocabulary - Nationalities.

  • European Capitals: Click on the map to match countries and capitals. You can read extra information about the capitals.

  • Country names: In this video you are going to learn English (ESL,EFL) Vocabulary and expressions related to countries.

  • Flags: Different activities.

  • Countries and nationalities: Listen to the following questions and answers: Questions and answers. 1, 2, 3.

  • Nationality: Write the nationality adjective that corresponds to each country.

  • Around the World: Change each country / area below into the nationality and / or language spoken of the people who come from that place.

  • Where are they from?: Find out the countries and nationalities by analyzing the flags in the pictures. Unscramble the letters, check the right option, select the correct alternatives and have some fun.

  • Countries and Nationalities: Click on the names of the different continents and discover where English is spoken. (+ flags)

  • Where are they from?: You're going to listen to six native English speakers. As you will hear, they all speak English with very different accents.

  • Name that flag! : Learn the flags of 18 different countries and try to guess the one that's described.